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Hazard 4 MOD Messenger Bag | Tactical-Kit
Hazard 4 MOD Messenger Bag | Tactical-Kit Hazard 4 MOD Messenger Bag | Tactical-Kit Hazard 4 MOD Messenger Bag | Tactical-Kit Hazard 4 MOD Messenger Bag | Tactical-Kit

今晚老师就是你的了 This messenger-style bag can load-out numerous modular containers on the front surface, but keep them hidden/protected under the unassuming flap. The flap compresses bulk with oversized lock-buckle-straps (which are also removable from the bag.) The flap itself can be removed from the bag in a few seconds (it is mounted on the rear with an ingenious flat-lock system.) It has a large loop-fastener area which also fits our available i.d. window patch. The patch can be secured to the flap w/ our Civilian® Rewind™ cable gear retractor.


Can be used as a: briefcase, messenger-bag, range-bag, photography-case, laptop-case, tool kit, schoolbag, escape and evade survival kit, etc.
perfectly sized dimensions for the most common loads
padded, top-zippered, rear laptop/armor-plate pocket
front/side web arrays to add a layer of custom gear
inside web-array allows weaving-in our modular pouches
drop-in container lids ‘replace’ the zip-flap if top left open1
side wall pockets, grab-handles, and metal snap-rings
front loop fasteners for patches or our optional i.d. carrier
drop-down ‘shelf’ work-area w/ document/map window
shelf retainers allow use while wearing bag like a chest-rig
full-organizer for pens, knives, lights, magazines, s.d. cards
top-flap peels completely and hides in an internal pocket
loop-fastener floor allows insertion of our divider panel
padded front/rear panel w/ unpadded sides/floor allows bag to go flat and reduce bulk when unfilled or stored
top zipper link with big pulling-handle for fast opening
top zipper link can unpair from the pullers to open the zippers one at a time; also acts as a key ring or retainer
internal loop-fasteners for attaching our modular holster*
front loop-fasteners for attaching our modular holster
internal/external wide belts for belt-slide-type holsters
side flat-pockets for paddle-type holsters
the organizer’s 3 flat pockets hold any full sized auto-pistol
will fit: up to a 15.6” laptop (even in a separate sleeve),folding-stock carbine like H&K G36C (with magazine in), folding/telescopic-stock sub machine guns like H&K MP5, 3 L bladder reservoir (on floor or in laptop compartment), ballistic-armor plate (in laptop or main compartment)

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