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Hazard 4 Padded Sholder Strap with Stabilizer | Tactical-Kit
Hazard 4 Padded Sholder Strap with Stabilizer | Tactical-Kit   

今晚老师就是你的了This shoulder strap will fit the Hazard 4 Ditch Tactical Briefcase, as well as most other standard Hazard 4 Bags. The strap can be easily adjusted to your fit and includes a stabilizer strap for added security. It comfortably fits around the body and is made of durable Cordura.

  • Aerospacer lining on pad for breathability and comfort
  • Additional stabilizer strap
  • Actual pad is 14" in length and 3" in width
  • Max length is up to 46"
  • Can be used to replace uncomfortable, non-padded straps

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